Using Noodl analytics to learn from prototypes shared with real users


Enhanced early user testing with prototypes
Noodl prototypes can easily be deployed as a web app that can be shared to users via a simple link. With the new analytics capabilities of Noodl that are being piloted with selected partners it is possible to track events, user interaction and screen content. The goal is to enable user testing at an early stage with a wider audience. We hope to provide tools to conduct early tests remotely with an audience as big as 10-50, then support searching the resulting data and learning as much as possible from the tests.

Tracking user sessions
After deploying a Noodl prototype with analytics enabled you simply share a unique link with you user that they can open on an iOS or Android device or on the desktop and start testing. When logging in to the analytics interface you can review all projects that have recorded sessions and playback the sessions and inspect which events that were generated during the session. You can also jump to the specific position position for the event by clicking it.


Filtering user sessions
When conducting tests with as many as 50 users that generate multiple user sessions each we need a way to manage the sessions to find what we are looking for. We can use the events generated within each session to do this. In the session list you can filter on events, and also make more complex queries such as when an event has not happened or other combinations. Create folders that you can go back to and that will automatically get any new sessions that match the criteria as the get uploaded.


Comparing deploys
We sometimes try and deploy different versions of a design and try to qualitatively compare usage. Creating multiple designs is really fast with Noodl as an interactive prototyping tool and with analytics we can filter on different deploys and review usage session for each deploy separately.


Get in touch!
If you are a Noodl user and would like to help us develop this feature don’t hesitate to get in touch!