Sharing your design on Github

Github has a great featured called Github Pages. It allows you to create projects and host web content for free, as long as you're fine with having them available publicly.

Github is used together with the version control system git. Github provides a tool for free that makes git easier to use, and you can also use git directly from the command line or choose from a wide range of other great tools.

Github has a guide for how to set everything up. It walks you through how to create a new project and upload your content to it. The only thing you need to upload are the files that Noodl creates when deploying a project, and Github will make your prototype available on the web. Make sure to read the guide about a Project site and not a user or organization.

Sharing your design on your own site

Noodl will generate an index.html file together will all the javascript and assets needed to run your prototype. You can upload and serve it from your own site, and it runs well both on its own or inside an iframe. The generated web page is static and is ready to go without any additional setup.

Turning your Noodl design into a mobile app

Its possible and very easy to turn your Noodl design into a full mobile app using the Cordova project. Learn more about how to build apps from your Noodl designs here.