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Interactive lessons

Quickly get started with interactive lessons that teach you all the basic concepts. Get from zero to up and running without leaving the Noodl environment, then dive into the many fun guides on this site.


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Don't forget to check out the many projects in the start page feed. It contains real live projects created with Noodl to inspire you.



Need an IoT team?

Topp offers design and prototyping services around Noodl. Get in touch with us if you need help with your IoT design or Noodl in general.

Prototyping team Product design and validation through prototyping and research

Topp has one of the most capable and experienced prototypers in the world. Get access to a complete prototyping team, including product designers, researchers and Noodl experts and quickly iterate your way to a successful product.

Process Experts - Transform your development process

Introducing prototyping and user research in an existing process can be challenging. Topp has multiple years of experiences working with innovation, development and design leadership. We have helped team within large clients such as Samsung and E.ON transform how they work. Let Topp help you transform the way your team works.

Full stack design services - A complete design offering

Topp also offers full stack design and innovation projects. We have worked with products in almost all industries, and timelines. We use all competences within Topp - strategists, technologists, researchers and designers, to help you shape completely new experiences.

Leave us a message below if you are interested in Topp's services around Noodl and we will get back to you as soon as we can.