When working effectively in a team with multiple creators it’s important to learn about version control and the collaboration features in Noodl.

Noodl uses a software called git to enable collaboration between many creators in one project. This is a tool used regularly in software development which makes it especially suitable if the Noodl project is part of a larger development effort, but it works just as well if it’s just you and your fellow Noodlers. You don’t need to know much about git to use it in Noodl.

Enabling collaboration

To enable collaboration in a project simply click the collaboration icon, it will inform you that collaboration is not enabled. Simply click enable to get started.


Committing changes

Once enabled you can use the collaboration icon to commit any changes you have made to your project. Commit is a fancy term for sending your changes to your team mates. Changes are not send directly though, they are added to what is commonly called a repository and can later be downloaded by your teammates. Any project resources such as images and fonts will show up as changes as well, so you know what your are committing.

Type a message summarizing the changes you have made and click commit. The changes will now be committed to the repository.


Connecting to cloud repository

So far the repository that receives the changes you commit is only local, it is actually contained in the project folder. This might seem useless at first but we will later show you how to reverse changes and work with versions. But now let’s connect our local repository to the cloud so we can start collaborating effectively.

For that we need a cloud git repository service, there are many too choose from but our favourites are and Both have a free version so you can get started without having to cough up your credit card. Choose one of them, sign up and create a new repository.

Let’s show how to do this with github, it works in a similar fashion for most cloud git providers. After signing up, find the plus button and add a new repository.


You need to choose a name, also make sure you choose public (anybody anywhere can look at the content of your project) or private (only you and people that you invite can see it). Then create it.


Once the repository is create your are looking for the URL, this is an identifier for the cloud repository and you need it to tell Noodl where to push your local repository. It’s often easy to find in the repository overview.


Copy the url and paste it into the repository URL input box in the collaboration popup then click connect. Your local changes will now be pushed to the repository in the cloud.


When you hit connect you will need to provide your credentials for the git cloud service that you choose.


That’s it now your are ready to invite team members to access the cloud repository. Without access to the cloud repository they cannot download and edit the project in Noodl. In github you will find collaborators under settings, search for other github users and add them as collaborators to the repository.


Cloning a project from a cloud repository

When you are invited to join a new project as collaborator your will most likely receive and email notification. Sign in to the git cloud provider and find your repository URL, you cannot use the URL of other teammates as it is personal to your account. When you have the URL you can clone the project in Noodl.

On the start screen, expand the “Add existing project” item by clicking the ellipsis icon. Then copy the URL and paste it into the “Clone from repository” box. Click the plus icon and you will be prompted to choose a directory for your project, just like when you are creating a new project this should be an empty folder. Now the project will be downloaded and opened.


Pulling collaborator changes

When a repository is connected to a cloud provider all changes committed will automatically be send to the cloud. But the changes will not be immediately applied to the projects of your teammates, as this could potentially be quite annoying. Instead you will be notified of collaborator changes that have been pushed to the cloud and you can choose to “pull” then down to your project at a time of your convenience. Simply click the pull button and the changes will be downloaded and merged into your project.