The fastest way to iterate IoT experiences

Our platform lets you orchestrate experiences based on screens, data and devices, in one unified visual codeless environment. It's a unique tool used by designers and developers as an innovation and product design tool across industries, from automotive to mobile.


Connect any thing

Use the embedded broker to connect to virtually any hardware.

Shape the experience

Explore, validate and iterate product experiences before investing heavily.

Run on any device

Run it on any modern iOS or Android device.


Stop guessing what features and experience your users want!


Iterative tool

Noodl enables a truly iterative process for companies to quickly explore, validate and iterate product experiences before investing heavily in them. Stop guessing what features and experience your users want, get the actual data! Build the experience in Noodl, collect feedback and iterate.


Create astonishing interfaces

Noodl is the most powerful codeless tool to build user interface. It enables designers and developers to create high fidelity interactive experiences, fine tuned animations, interactions and flows. 


Ultra efficient rendering

App interfaces are rendered with WebGL or Canvas making them run at 60 fps while still retaining the simplicity of distribution that the web providers, simply share a link that can be opened on any modern device.


Multi screen experiences

You can include any number of screens with interfaces  as part of your experience. For example, make a combined mobile and TV experience and design the two interfaces simultaneously and shape their common interactions as they were one. 


Rapid design of beautiful interfaces

Create complete app interfaces for your IoT applications in a single day. Iterate fast and often to quickly test new ideas and concepts with real users. All changes are instantly visible and intractable in the tool or on real mobile devices.



Shape experiences around data

Rapid design with real data enable designers to use data as a design medium, understand its impact and be creative with it. Create beautiful data visualizations to help users consume and explore data or use the data to drive a completely contextual experience.


Visualize and interact with data

Many IoT applications revolve around the consumption of data. The Noodl design paradigm based on nodes, connections and components is perfectly suited for creating dynamic data visualizations.


Model and expose data to designers

In Noodl data is exposed to designers in a way where it becomes simple and inviting to experiment with and incorporate in the experience.


Record and playback

It is crucial to test designs by exposing them to real data. Even better, in Noodl designers can record and playback data scenarios to see how their designs behave in real environments.



Connect anything

Noodl brings all aspects of an IoT product together - apps, cloud and hardware - into one integrated environment making experience design and prototyping for IoT applications much more accessible. Make complete product iterations in a day, more iterations means higher quality and more opportunities discovered.


MQTT ready

Messaging based on MQTT is a native concept in Noodl requiring no programing knowledge. Use the embedded broker or external brokers like Arduino Cloud and AWS IoT  to connect to virtually any hardware. Build experiences driven from the cloud.


Virtual things

In Noodl it is simple to model virtual representations of external devices before any hardware is available. This lets you design and test the holistic IoT experience early and often to reduce risk and cost.



Use local connectivity protocols like Bluetooth without needing to dive into code to design beautiful and intuitive onboarding experiences for your thing or service.