Release Notes - 1.1

In the spirit of the season we in the Noodl team have a gift for you, a major new community edition release! There is a lot of good stuff in here, some of the hightlights:

Stand alone app

Noodl is now a stand alone app with installers for macOS, Windows and Linux (beta). The Chrome app version will remain for now but will be removed shortly as Google is shutting down support for Chrome apps.

If you have the Noodl Chrome App installed please uninstall it before running the new version as they will conflict and cause issues with the preview.

UI Kit

There is a UI Kit included in the component library with a bunch of handy components to quickly put togehter app prototypes. If you want to show something off fast and not focus on design details this is super nifty! The control dimensions are optimized for Fill Mode: Fill (in project settings) but can easily be modified to fit any size.


Persistent storage

Models can now store data between sessions and synch between clients, making it easy to build data driven and connected designs.

New lessons

Two new lessons covering Models and Collections have been added. This is great for building data driven designs, don't miss these!


Other Changes

  • Deploy feature has been removed and is being revamped for an upcoming release.

New Features:

  • Flow Layout have content align X and Y for improved layouting.
  • Page Navigation can now have a Pages node as target, so you have better control over where nagivation occurs.
  • Page Navigation can now reset history.
  • Signals have a new color to seperate execution flow from data flow.
  • More easing curves in States node.


  • Various fixes in Page Navigation.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Various performance upgrades.