Release Notes - 0.8.0


We've given the editor a little visual love to make it clearer and easier to work with. We removed the group headers on nodes and made the text easier to read. We hope you like it!


We have changed the way layouts are done slightly. Instead of the layout being a property of theGroup node we now have specific nodes for Stack Layout and Flow Layout. These nodes also have a few new properties like item spacing and padding that make them easier to work with. Your projects should be automatically updated to use the new nodes and you might get a notification as shown below.


We have completely revised the project export / import system. Now you can simply import an existing project into your current project by clicking import and selecting the project folder you want to import. First you will get to choose which components you want to import, and dependencies both in other components and resources are automatically detected.


  • Zooming - You can now zoom in and out in the editor using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or two finger on the trackpad (and whatever you windows people do to emulate the scroll wheel).
  • Jump to Start / End - The animation node have new signals so you can make it jump to the start or end of an animation immidiately.
  • Value changed node - There is a new node that can detect if an input value have chaged and generate a pulse.
  • Text node - The text node have been updated it now has a size mode more similar to the other nodes. Your project should get updated automatically.
  • Inspector tweaks - Inspector now only highlight nodes with visual content.
  • Renamed size modes - Size modes have been renamed for clarity.
  • Live updates - When adding connections and changing font family.


  • Sometimes the preview became blurry, this has been improved.
  • Hovering on nodes now show correct scaling in viewer.
  • Fixed issues with font loader, more fonts are now supported.
  • Web socket node now reconnects if connection is lost.