Release Notes - 0.9.0


Something that came up again and again in our designs is states. Often you have a component that can be in one of several states and you want it to visually reflect those states. We now introduced a node to help you specifically with this! To learn how it works run through the getting started lesson.


Another concept that came up in many of our projects is navigation between screens, both simple navigation and dynamic where you want to show a page and specify which data should be presented on that page. There are many ways to achieve this but we tried to condense the best solutions from internal projects into a few simple nodes. The Page and Pages node, and the accompanying Page Navigation nodes.


Practice makes perfect. We keep iterating on the visuals of the tool to make it more clear and beautiful. We have also tried to fix a bunch of small UI glitches here and there. We hope you like it!


  • Paste - Nodes now appear where the cursor is.
  • Panning - Nodes cannot be panned out of the canvas.
  • Autolabels - Image and text nodes now get labels automatically from path and text content.
  • Wordwrapping - Works a lot better for long names.
  • Create new node popup - You can now use keyboard to navigate up and down.
  • Rename node - You can now rename a node by just selecting and pressing enter.


  • Preview server now returns 404 correctly when an asset is missing.