Release Notes - 1.0.1

For this release we've mostly been squashing bugs. We also managed to sneak in a few new improvements as well.


  • Text Input now has a Clear input
  • REST node now parses XML respones and automatically converts to JavaScript objects.


  • Fixed bug that made the Tab Bar component in the Library misbehave.
  • REST node doesn't add a trailing slash on the URL anymore
  • It's now possible to view external devices in a browser by using http://localhost:8574?device=deviceName. Previously you had to use your IP.
  • Index Changed in the Scroll View is now triggered when the center of a new item is scrolled into view, instead of using the left edge
  • Fixed Horizontal Alignment bug in the Text node.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to Component Children. Now you should never have to hit refresh to solve some weird behavior when rearraging the Component Children node.
  • Fixed bug in For Each node when Template Type was set to Dynamic
  • Searching with Cmd/Ctrl+F now includes Topic in the Send Message and Recieve Message nodes.
  • Improved WebGL performance in certain cases
  • Fixed snapping in Scroll View when Item Spacing was > 0.
  • Fixed image caching bug when switching projects.
  • Fixed a few edge cases where the inputs weren't updated in the correct order.

How do I get it?

Chrome will autoupdate Noodl for you next time you close it. If not, there's a notification in Noodl that you can click.