Release Notes - 1.2

We are happy to present to you Noodl 1.2 :-) and it's a big one, you could say it's yuuuuge. There is a lot of good stuff in here, some of the hightlights:

Message tracker

Noodl now includes a message tracker where you can visualize all connected clients and devices, as well as message subscriptions and messages being sent. This is really helpful when your connected designs starts getting complex and finding issues with messaging becomes a hazzle.


Auto update

You will now get updates downloaded automatically when they are available.


Detached viewer

In Noodl 1.2 the viewer can be detached from the editor and put on a secondary display to give way to more space for your Noodl graphs.


Noodl login

Finally a request we have had is the option of a Noodl login as an option to the Google login. Now you can create Noodl accounts and use those for login if you please.

Other features

  • Send and receive messages can send nestle JSON.
  • Send CSV (comma seperated values) over MQTT.
  • Works in Microsoft EDGE browser.
  • Built in MQTT broker so you can connect your hardware locally to the editor computer without having to set up an external broker.



Available in the enterprise version of Noodl you can now collaborate with friends and version control your projects with Git right from inside Noodl. No need to install any version control software, it's all bundled for your convenience. If you are working on a Noodl that is part of a larger software development using Git you can version control along side with your coder friends, it's pretty awesome! Take a look at the guide here.


Deploy to AWS

One major feature for our enterprise version users is the ability to deploy Noodls to your AWS account. You can use the AWS IoT device gateway as your MQTT broker, you can sign up and handle users with AWS Cognito. You can use the persistence feature of Models and Collections with DynamoDB to create a real-time database, super useful for many connected experiences! Find out more about this major new feature here.

Noodl Shell

The enterprise version of Noodl contain a viewer app that provides a bunch of neat stuff. It connects directly to the editor so no need to enter the URL of your editor machine, it can show fullscreen Noodls and debug. Also it is based on Cordova so it has a number of useful plugins available such as NFC and Bluetooth. More info here.

New guides

Besides the new guides on deploying to AWS, there are guides for collaboration and creating mobile apps from your Noodl prototypes.

For a limited time we are offering free access to an evaluation version of Noodl Enterprise.

Try it now!