The Noodl platform


Noodl is more than a tool. It's an extensible platform for your organization to build on. Integrate your hardware, your cloud and your user touch points and you have a complete lab for product development and innovation.


Noodl in a development process

Noodl was created for a process where exploring and learning are equally important as building.

This is in contrast to traditional development processes where focus is largely on building. Requirements are locked down early to allow more time for development, and design is merely a reflection of these requirements. Agile methods are mainly concerned about how the team can deliver what’s in the product owners backlog, but how do you know that the backlog contains the right features?

Noodl promotes a process where there is equal focus on exploring, learning and building. This saves time in the build phase, as you avoid late re-designs. It also reduce risks in the project, as much of your product is validated with users even before you start building it.


Stop guessing user value, learn from real users

Through its speed of iterations and ability to produce super refined experiences, Noodl promotes an experience centric development process, with frequent feedback from users and other stakeholders. Instead of waiting several months on a first deployment, have something in the hands of users in a week. This reduces risk enormously, the biggest risks in any project is building the wrong thing.


Allow exploration and pivoting

When you put something in the hands of the user the first time, you will learn a lot. With Noodl, pivoting is undramatic and trying something new is cheap. It promotes experimenting and learning. Many opportunities unfold themselves only when you see them for real.


Involve designers and researchers hands-on

Through Noodl, designers and researchers to play an active part of the development process, not only in the beginning, but throughout the development process. Noodl becomes the tool for them to express what they mean, not only in specs, but in actual working software.


Know your system before you build it

What you build in Noodl can be considered a first version of your complete system and is often as refined as the final product will be. APIs are identified, data dependencies flushed out, scope gets clearer. What you learn from a 3 week Noodl prototype can save you 6 months of refactoring work down the line.


It is fun and fascinating to use Noodl. The tool is great not only for fast and easy design prototyping, but also for collaborating with the engineering team. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s interested in design prototyping
— Mike Hong, Responsible for Wearable UX at Samsung - including the Samsung Gear series and Galaxy Gear VR

Noodl cases

Noodl is used across industries, among designers, developers, professionals and makers.

Below are some cases where Noodl have been used in Topp projects.


Shaping a dashboard experience around data

Exploring experiences around an IKEA nightlamp with Noodl

A social multiscreen experience - TV and mobile

Exploring automotive designs for force touch