The Noodl Shell app is a viewer app currently available for Android phones (iOS coming soon). The app enables you to use many of the modules in the library that require native support, such as NFC and Bluetooth LE. You can download and install the app from the link below.

Noodl shell for Android version 0.2.0


First you must enable installing apps from unknown sources. This is done in the security settings on your Android phone, the location may vary slightly between Android vendors. The settings for Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus is shown below.


The you can go ahead and download the app from the link above. When downloaded you can find it in the notifications or using the Downloads app. Click the app to install it. Once installed launch the app, and simply enter the location of the Noodl you want to view, for instance point it to the preview URL found in the editor. You can click Launch or Debug, if you click Debug the shell app will also send debug signals to the editor so you can follow data flow etc.